Dinner party sweet 16?!

Question: Dinner party sweet 16?
do you think it would be possible just to have a small sweet 16 at my house, like a dinner party?
my birthday is in october so technically we could have it outside
any ideas?
for food and all


My son is turning 16 in October (not the same as a girl's party, I know), but we're having it outside, at night & we're doing a firepit party.
We're setting up tiki torches around the firepit, lots of chairs & I'm making a huge pot of chili and setting out toppings and bread bowls to serve it in.
We're also making popcorn over the grill & s'mores (with peanut butter cups, chocolate covered peppermint patties or chocolate bars).

If you want to do something fancier outside think of setting a really pretty table outside with orange, green, gold & brown colors for a Harvest themed party.

Carve out some mini pumpkins (fun or classy designs) and use them to hold candle votives. Put out fall flower bouquets on the tables - even bowls of apples and pears mixed with some flowers looks pretty in the fall. You can get lots of autumn leaf swags this time of year and drape them around your space or lay them on the table zigzagged around candles.

Use lots and lots of candles everywhere - looks so pretty at night. You can also use white Christmas lights just about anywhere to add more sparkle.

A punch bowl filled with apple cider & sliced apples, hot or cold, is a nice beverage to serve on a side table that you've decorated with autumn leaves.

For food if it's cold out you could make a soup and serve it in bread bowls as one course, a potato gratin is nice too as a side and for the main course you could make a roast pork with a mushroom gravy.

For dessert you could have a birthday cake of course and think of how pretty the candles will look sparkling outside! If your or anyone has a firepit, light it up and finish the evening with hot chocolate with whipped cream.

You could also do a "moon & stars" theme and go for moonlit whites & pale blues & lavenders in your decorations with silver accents or anything that sparkles and lots of white candles.

Have fun & happy birthday!

I just need points.

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