Any ideas for good, simple wedding shower menu?!

Question: Any ideas for good, simple wedding shower menu?
Hosting a wedding shower and can't decide what food to serve. It's at 2:00 pm - after lunch and before I'm thinking light finger foods, but everything has been done to death -dollar roll sandwiches, little smokies, etc. I need some ideas for simple, good, easy to prepare, but a little out of the ordinary food. Any suggestions?


just do crudite, cheese & crackers, pasta salad, punch, chips n dip, you'll be all set

This is my favorite finger food to make for showers (you can either do it in a long braid or a round wreath) uses those popping fresh Crescent Rolls and you can fill it with anything - this is just one idea. So if you type in "Crescent Roll Braid or Crescent Roll Wreath", you'll see various variations of fillings.…

Good luck.

risotto balls with dipping sauce,

sliced bread spread with hollandaise sauce wrapped around steamed asparagus and secured with a tooth pick,(served fresh)

wrap a strip of bacon around sliced bread sprinkled with tasty cheese secure with a toothpick and bake in a moderate oven for 10 to 15 minutes, (serve hot)

cucumber slices topped with cream cheese, sliced smoked salmon and dill sprigs,

frittata squares,

cup cakes,

trifle cups,

mini chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows and cake for dipping.

make cute kebabs of a small chunk of feta, a thin slice of a cucmber, peeled and shaped like a flower and then a grapelet tomato on top of some and an olive on others
Take steamed asparagus and cool then wrap 2 stalks in a roasted red pepper strip and prochuitto ham

-Stuffed mushrooms
-Mini cheese and veggie skewers (mini mozz. balls & cherry tomatoes (provide bowl filled with balsamic dressing)
-Cheese and cracker plate
-Shrimp cocktail

Bologna and cheese sandwich's cut into squares

I would just put out some platters of canapes, fruit, cheeses and petit fours. Have some nice wine too.

dip fruit sandwich

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