I'm looking for a plastic/disposable teacup set...?!

Question: I'm looking for a plastic/disposable teacup set...?
I'm holding a Mad Hatters Tea Party for Halloween next month (Calling it Malice in Wonderland) And I am searching for little plastic/disposable teacups-with handles-and I'm having a lot of trouble finding any. You'd think people would make plastic teacups somewhere!
I work in a bar so REAL teacups and saucers are a big no-no. I also live in the UK so need local shops/companies. They won't be holding tea in them so I dont need heat proof ones or anything as I will be making up cocktails in teapots and pouring them out into peoples cups like you would with tea... Help please!
Im looking for them in bulk also. I don't want just a set of 4, for example. Im looking for 100+


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What might be fun and cheap are plastic childrens teasets, you could buy a variety of types on ebay, a local wholesaler such as Bookers, a local discount store, or online eg Amazon. There are disposable adult teacups and pots, but they wouldn't really fit with your theme as they are pretty boring in appearance.

You could go for second hand china cups and teapots from charity shops- very cheap and lots of variety, but this would present a clean-up issue at end of night of course.

The other option is to ask people to bring their receptacle of choice- could get out of hand, but would certainly be fun and the madder the better! Prizes for the most original item to drink out of.....deposited at the bar at the beginning of the evening so you can place them on display, organise some games around them, and at the same time decide which ones are going to be used. ( back up plastic available)

On the other hand, I wonder how bothered people would be about what they're drinking your cocktails out of, so you could focus more on the teapots rather than the cups.

How about getting some fun watering cans to serve as teapots? Cheap and lots of types available

What about these?


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