Do party supplies go on sale at hobby lobby?!

Question: Do party supplies go on sale at hobby lobby?
Having a huge birthday party next month and wondering if their paper plates etc go on sale ever.


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Not usually! Sorry:( But their are places that do, Party city has lots of party supplies and much more in a million diffrent colors and themes and they're party supplies frequently go on sale. Also another place you can try would be dollar tree they have a wide selection too and everything in the store is just one dollar. Hope this helps :)

Yes!! Hobby Lobby's mark downs are amazing. Often time you can find discounts as large as 70%. bear in mind, colors or paterns that can work for most anything and are less likely to be reduced as much. You'll find the same applies for themed items. The exception would reduction because of over stock or discontinued. Most dramatic redutions are 'after season'. Sometimes retailers will market down items which are not seasonal in order to make room for something is. Don't forget to shop the clearance isle. Discounts up to 80%.Sometimes a store manager will accept a lower price on clearance items. Especially If he or she needs that shelve. Hope this was useful. Happy shopping, Cindy

In the last few months I have given three parties, worked on a photo prodject and purchased fabric. Almost all were purchased from Hobby Lobby. I've become extremely familiar. I love the place.

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