Birthday Party/Sleepover/IDEAS?!?!

Question: Birthday Party/Sleepover/IDEAS?!?
Okay so my party is going to be in Jan8th (but my birthday is on jan9th) i know far away from now but i always need to plan like months ahead,because i tend to forget and stuff but anyway
I just need some ideas to do because theres going to be at least 20 of us..and when theres something awarded we can always change the subject! so far what im thinking of what to do is

1.Go To mall,movie,then dinner
yeah thats probably it! and after that the girls are going to spend the night!:)
and i just need ideas of how to keep everyone entertained!!
i only got down,truth or dare, chubby bunny (HAHA!) and etcc :)

Thanks for answering the QuestioN!?:)
-Lovee Julie


1st answer- How do you know it's teenage?
3rd answer- Lol we already did that when she came to my house. XD

And Julie! Are Jenni and I invited? :D

are you kidding? this a teenage party, and truth or dare gets pretty old once a few people start getting uncomfortable. after the mall im thinking makeovers with pictures, either glamour type or gothic, then movies. have lots of batteries and memory cards. you can plan the menu to be either pizza and popcorn or a veggie and dip platter depending on dietary preferences.

Spa Party! How fun would that be to do manis/pedis and munch on some finger foods. Fun!

Look here for some ideas:…

you can always do make overs and etc. who all is coming cause then i would know what u should do

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