How much food do I serve at my party?!

Question: How much food do I serve at my party?
I am having a party with 50 adult guests and 30 children (some of them infant). I have no idea how much food to serve and am anxious at the thought of running out. I ordered through a caterer and got: 1 large tray of chicken, broccoli, ziti; one small tray of chix/broc/ziti; 1 large tray of lasagna; 1 large tray of meatballs (100 pcs); 1 large tray of wraps (cut into thirds - I think 35 pieces); 1 large tray of greek/antipasto salad; 1 large tray of sausage, peppers and onions; a 1/4 tray of chicken fingers (kids) and 3 dozen rolls. I have two cakes, some pastries, brownies and two dips/chips for the bar area for the guys. Is this enough?? The caterer said each large tray feeds 20-25 people as a side, but will strech further because of all of the options we chose.


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Caterers have a good experience in estimating how many persons can be served by as much food. But have you considered the guests' trips back to the table? If you have gone down to actually counting the pieces served per kind, make sure the favorites have an extra fifty percent, say, 50 plus 30 plus 40 can mean mean two trays of chicken. Put in some bowls of soup to keep their stomach fuller while they're eating the dry food.The cakes should be pre-sliced for at least 80 people. Add some 30-50 meatballs.They're the first to "vanish". The sweet cakes are OK they'll make the guests also feel full. But place them at the head of the table, together with the soup, so they'll attract the guests' attention immediately. Better have excess than run out while your guests still want more.


All I am going to say is...WOW! Find out how many infants there are. Say there is 20 infants, you will need 60 food plates/e.t.c. Try :] I think thats a lot...

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