Good kingdom hearts snack ideas for B-day party in december?!

Question: Good kingdom hearts snack ideas for B-day party in december?
Ok yes ik i do think WAY ahead. Anyway I had the idea of getting star fruit and slicing them to be like papou and making papou cookies and making sea-salt ice cream (yes even though itll be winter)
Also plz dont say pizza because I really dont like it

Also any party ideas? kh related plz


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Maybe you should bake some KH cupcakes, you know, the logo ( the icing) Make it look like what you want it to be. Like what roxas said, do a twilight town theme. And you should also cosplay as sora and tell your friends too to fit the theme properly.

Best wishes.

~ Nami

Hmm, well when I think of food and Kingdom Hearts, I'm reminded of the beginning of KH1, when Sora is looking for supplies. Eggs, coconuts, fish, and mushrooms. There's also the KH2 prologue with Hayner and the gang wanting to go to the beach. They mentioned pretzels and watermelon. Kind of lame, but it's something.

If you want something more creative, how about brownies in the shape of Heartless? You can also have a hidden Mickey theme.

haha i was gonna say sea salt icecream well i think for the party you shouldnt have alot of disney i know thats a big part but thats not like the games best quality so id stick to like the characters you can have like a destiny islands theme but then again it isn in the winter so maybe like twilight town get where im going at like a world you really lik and stuff you can maybe print out or something like that the characters or something idk im not goodwith parties i chose not to have for myself ive been to parties though so yea get what im saying with the theme? or you can ahve mixed worlds like each room a different world oh and the cake go to like a bakry or somthing sams club and like order for like a print cake this make like a cool kingdom hearts design on the computer kno what im saying?

Sea-salt Ice cream!!
And cookies in the shape of Organization Member's heads XD
A cake with a stenciled Keyblade on it!!

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