What is the smokiest cigarette in India... ?!

Question: What is the smokiest cigarette in India... ?
I really love smoking... I jus love da cigarettes that release a lot of smoke... I prefer nose exhale so I need a smokey cigarette to make ma every exhale so deep... Plzzz tell me which cigarette in India releases heavy smoke ?


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What is important is that you remember just how much you enjoy smoking and get a mental picture of yourself blowing out chimney loads of smoke. These feelings and images will come in handy in a few years when you cannot breath properly and are bed ridden.

Hi! you may try out a few mentioned here... CAPTAIN, CIGAR(AS NO OTHER CIGGI CAN RELEASE THAT QUANTITY OF SMOKE).

If you can handle this then fill a pot of tobacco instead of a ciggrate...the larger the quantity the larger the smoke...or may be you can try burning a bamboo pipe filled with tobacco ...No i dont mean to be rude of disrespecting here but that s how I did n trust me ...it was like my house was on fire...lols!!!

The famous cigarette of India is gold flake

cigarettes with no filter - could cause you double harm. there are better things in life to enjoy. i know you hate me so much right now.

try cavender or panama, and any filterless ciggy will produce lots nd losts of smoke

PANAMA cigrette is best for u. if u want squeeze ur lungs more ,than,go for SHAMA brand BIDI Produce of Warangal Andhra pradesh

it is so hard to smoke i think it will help You

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