Adult party. House warming and or birthday. What makes it for a great party. Food, drinks, music, theme etc?!

Question: Adult party. House warming and or birthday. What makes it for a great party. Food, drinks, music, theme etc?
Can you give me your opinion. Have you been to a good or bad one, why was it good or bad. etc


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I have been to a lot of parties, and I would say that the best ones keep the music low enough so that the guests can hear each other speaking. I have left many parties early because I got tired of shouting at people over loud music. It is exhausting! Also, if the music is too loud, then a person can't stand in a group of people and hear everyone who speaks; it is only possible to hear the person directly next to you. Also, if it is an outdoor party and it's going to be cool or cold outside, then rent some outdoor heaters. Being cold at a party is no fun at all! Also, don't invite people who get overly loud or obnoxious when they drink alcohol. They can ruin the fun for everyone.

Plan some fun activities during the party. Guesstures is an extremely entertaining game if the party has fewer than 20 people in attendance. If the guests don't know each other, another game you can play is to put names of celebrities and other well-known people (politicians, cartoon characters, etc.) on names tags and put one on the back of each person as they arrive at the party. Don't let the person know what name is on the tag. Tell the guest that his job is to guess the name by extracting clues from the other guests. He is allowed to ask each guest only TWO questions, and the questions can only be answered with a yes or a no. No other details or hints are allowed. After the person asks two questions, he must move on to another person for questioning. Once the person guesses the name on his tag, he takes it off his back and wears it on his front. This game gets everyone talking to everyone else! it is a GREAT ice breaker! People will balk at the idea when you first ask them to take a name tag on their back, but once everyone starts participating, it is great fun!

Good food makes for a good party! Cater it if you can afford to. If not, then prepare some dishes yourself that you know are tasty. Don't try new recipes for a party! I've made some disastrous dishes for my parties when I tried a recipe for the first time! If you have a pot luck style party, prepare several main dishes yourself anyway, just in case everyone brings fast food or dessert.

I always enjoy themed parties. When the guests dress according to the theme, and it makes the party more festive. I personally love tropical themes because I love Hawaii! Most people own Hawaiian-style clothing, too, so they don't have to buy new clothes for the party. I've had 4th of July parties and asked everyone to wear any combination of red, white, and blue. That worked well.

If the tap water in your area tastes bad, have bottled or filtered water available. Many people like to drink water at parties, and I have been to many where none was available

Alcohol can be a big problem at parties. My favorite parties have been sober parties, but I know that is not the usual custom in our day. Some people become downright dangerous when they drink too much alcohol. I feel uncomfortable around people who are drunk, and I know many others do as well. I recommend limiting the amount of alcohol you serve. People usually bring their own alcohol anyway, so there will never be a shortage of it.

I hope you will have a fun-filled party and make a lot of good memories in the process! Enjoy! :-)

Personal experience.

Music and drinks are the most important to me.

If the music is upbeat and loud enough to be fun, but not so loud you can't talk, people just get into a good mood. Good drinks lubricate people, so they're more outgoing and mingle more-I think if you have a little bar set up where people can make their own drinks or make shots, it gets people talking and interacting with each other. Get a drink guide and set it out next to the bar set up and just let people do their thing.

Have strippers. Lots and lots of strippers.

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