75 th birthday ideas?!

Question: 75 th birthday ideas?
its my grandpa's 75th birthday this year.
i need party ideas, unique gift ideas, or anything that you can suggest.
he wants to celebrate with his friends so its just going to be a dinner party. but then any themes any thing????????
ideas on what the grandchildren could do for him...


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Your grandpa must have told you and your parents a lot of stories through the years so pick some favorite memories out of his past and make a theme around them. If he was a farmer then take some of his old pictures and enlarge them or whatever he was into and put them on the wall. If he has pictures of when he was a little boy or of their wedding, their kids (your parents) growing up, any pictures of his favorite pet or one of the first houses they lived in, his old car, etc. Your parents should have some pictures too... after you can put them in a scrap book for him (he'd love this trip down memory lane better than a gift). If he used to like horses get a bunch of cheap little plastic horses and set them around the cake..
The most important is to take lots of pictures for keepsakes. If the grandchildren can sing, they could sing him a song or write him a poem, and have his favorite music, whether it was western or square dance whatever. In his dating years cars and music were very important.
Have a great time and if you see a tear in his eye you'll know it's a happy tear!

It depends on your grandfather's personality. Spend some time thinking about what you know about him. Do what you think would be most fun for him. Does he like parties at all? If yes, then do you think he would like a big party or a small one? What is he into? If he likes sports, use a sports theme. If he likes a lot of hoopla, then do a lot of decorating. If he thinks that is a waste of money, then spend your money on something else, like food. Be sure to serve his favorite foods at his party. If he likes to be the center of attention, they have a time during the party when he can tell the group a story, like his memory of his favorite birthday from the past and why it was special to him. Play his favorite music at his party, but keep it low in volume so that the guests can hear each other in conversation. Many parties are ruined by music that is too loud. When the guests can't have a conversation without shouting at each other, the party isn't much fun. Senior citizens aren't usually fond of loud music. He was a teenager in the early 1950's, so you might play some music from that era. Take your grandfather's health into consideration, too. If he is not in the best of health, keep the party short. You don't want to wear him out. Unless you think he would like a big party, I would say keep the guest list to around 15 people. That way, your grandfather will have a chance to visit with each guest at some point during the party.

It's hard to buy gifts for senior citizens because they usually own everything that they want and need. I would suggest gifts that are consumable, like gift cards to his favorite restaurants, sporting events, concerts, plays, movies, etc. My father-in-law loved to work crossword puzzles, so my husband and I always gave him a new book of crossword puzzles on his birthday. He loved them! If your grandfather has a hobby, buy him something that pertains to it.

How old are the grandchildren? Here are some ideas if they are still children...Grandparents usually love to have framed photos of their grandchildren, so the grandchildren could decorate frames and you could put their photos in them. Go to any large craft store to see the types of frames available for decorating. If the grandchildren are old enough to write, they could write a letter to grandpa and tell him what they love best about him and recall their favorite memory of something that they did with him.

I think it's a wonderful that you want to throw a party for your grandpa's birthday! Good for you for wanting to honor him in a special way! I hope it all works out well. Best wishes. "-)

Personal experience. I have thrown a lot of parties in my life, and planned a lot of parties for other people. My nickname among my friends is "party chick." They mean it in a wholesome way. :-)

Party Ideas: dont make it too noisy or extravagant but surrond the place with all his friends n family & he should feel very comfortable & happy
Its his day, so do smthng he always wanted.
since he wants to celebrate with his friends, u can make up some games like bingo or smthng. somthng they can enjoy without too much of physical strain.
Gift Ideas: make a birthday card for him with some old photos or write smthng that means alot to him.
Grand children: grand children can talk abt how special grandpa is for them. think abt d things that he done for u guys & thank him
also u grandchildren can make a small play & dedicate it for him. the play can be abt smthng he likes, or u guys can play him doin smthng nice or funny.
n lastly, make sure u guys give him d feelin dat he is loved, its not always abt wat u did or gave, but huggin him & tellin him that u love him, n dat will make him feel good.

Wish your granpa a nice birthday & have fun!!

you could take him back in time to the kind of food he used to enjoy in his youth just do a simple google search and cook up some traditional finger foods.

How about a coffin.

give a theme of retro style do decorations and dress evry1 of 70s . bring the time back for him

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