19 th birthday party help!!?!

Question: 19 th birthday party help!!?
So I'm turning 19 in about a week but I can't seem to decide what to do for games or what to do for food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Any suggestions?


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Okay, for games and entertainment I think you should have like a competition for Rockband, or any video game. Maybe, music and dancing will help. Also at the very end or something, you could have like a movie on the projector outside your house.... this should be very relaxing and an excellent closing to your party.
For food, you should really try vegan burgers! They taste the same as any other burger and vegetarians love them, I know cause I'm a vegetarian(:
Uhmmm, since its a party, why not have like chips, soda's and all that good stuff. Popcorn and candy for movie of course!!!
Ahh, I hope this helped!

It kind of depends on the party. WIll it be formal or informal? If its informal, I would suggest simple finger foods that you can make ahead of time. Guys tend to like beef and women tend to like chicken.

guitar/ rock hero. twister. doritoes, non meat lasagna, soda, nachos, ice cream. (rootbeer floats or milk shakes)

Naked twister.

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