21st B-day Party today!! No Money, Help!?!

Question: 21st B-day Party today!! No Money, Help!?
So my friend is turning 21. I had planned to give her the birthday party she deserves next week since i will have money then but some how i got sucked into doing it tonight. I literally have 10 bucks to my name and have to put together a party for her tonight! Good new is it will only be her, her boyfriend, me and my boyfriend. She wants it low key but i have to do something special. Any ideas on drinks, games, food etc would be helpful. I tried google ideas and it did nothing. I have 5 hours to throw this thing together. UGH! Help please! ANYTHING is appreciate, please remember when responding i have zero money to spend. What am i gonna do? 10 pts best answer!


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WOW your in a tight situation ok what i would do to be honest is one of two thing's first.....id call my dad and ask him to barrow 20 dollar's..and do with 30 dollar's or if you cant do anything and still have 10 dollar's i would cook a meal with what i have in my fridege and pantry..it's amazing what you can think of when all kind's of different food are in front of you....so go see what you have and try to make meal if not you can go to like kroger or your local grocerie store and get a whole chicken that wil ring you up $4.i dont know about there but here kroger and wal-mart have nice size whole chicken for $4....and you can also buy a dollar bag of rice and make a nice butter rice and you can grab any kind of vegtable from 1-2 dollars..like carrots,brokly,squash..or you an grab can vegtables grab two cans green bean's(1$)two cans corn(1$) and mix them together cooked with butter....so far you,ve reached a total of..$7 and with the remaining $3..you can buy a dollar box of cake mix and a dollar jar of iceing..they have many flavor's..like chocolate cake with vanilla iceing or vise versa...or butter pecan cake or redvelvet..etc...and with the last little remaining dollar you can add it to anything else you can think of or might need like butter(.67) or egg's.(.69)..also what ive done is digged around my house threw my furniture,clothes and droor's..etc..ive always seem'd to find a dollar or to in my thing's.....well i hope ive helped sum..and you can make a meal and cake with $10..trust me you CAN..you just have to go to a grocerie store and look around get idea's..combine thing's..use what you already have at home to add on and you'll be fine..well GOOD LUCK...and hope ive helped sum...

frequently on the $10 budget......(and i know my grocerie store's like the back of my hand ;)...)

ask to borrow money or something! how dont you have more money to spend!? if you do, then i suggest maybe like $30?!?!?/ you should google nice dinner types. you should get vodka so you can take shots! (obvs because shes 21) and you should buy her funny presents like lube or something hahahaha. and make a banner saying happy 21st! go crazy! or something. make it cute and make a really sincere and sweet card so if the party itself is ehhh..then the card will make her so happy!!! hope this helps! good luck!!
or ask your boyfriend to borrow money!! for somedecorations/food and drink.

Get a job.

In less than 5 hours.

And then make enough money in the remaining time.

Well Well ... umm I think you should just take her to the bar and hustle some drinks up before meeting up with the boys that way the bar is most likely to give you both a free 21 birthday shot (not likely if you have a party of 4) after maybe go somewhere you can see the sunset maybe take some cool birthday pics before going back to your place (?) and cooking a pasta dish... ( pasta 3$ @ the most and sause 2-3$ ) pasta is filling! and the topper whine... you should have 5-6$ left and a bottle of whine or a box :) should be on sale at any food market for just that.

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