What are good party theams?!

Question: What are good party theams?
Well I have never hosted a party, and I really want to! So what are good party teams. And were sould I do it? I dont say B- day!


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Little kids like dogs, cats, etc and like all the cartoony characters LOL

In August I had my 15th birthday. It was really fun I had a club themed party and everyone dressed up in short cute dress and guys dress nice too. I turned my basement into a club with lights and it was a dance party. The guys had so much fun. I made a minibar and had pina coladas and shirley temples and sodas. Also we had a DJ and it was just a good night :) or just a girls night out to you're local town to have a dinner party. 15 is a good age to have an adultish birthday. Seriously don't do some lame house birthday party with a few friends and a movie. LAAAAMMME do something cool :) good luck!

I'm 15 :)

lots of party themes here:

japanese av films

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