I Need Ideas for My 15th Birthday. What Can I Do?!

Question: I Need Ideas for My 15th Birthday. What Can I Do?
Hi it's my birthday on the 12th of October and I have no ideas of what to do. For some reason it's normally sunny on my birthday and it's been that way every year so that might be of some help.
I need it to be cheap but fun and I'm hoping to invite about 4 or five friends.
Any ideas would be great as my back up plan is a sleep over and i've done that a lot.
Thanks For Your Help


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Have a bonfire, and camp out somewhere, =)

Omg! My 15th B-day was awesome!

Ok, since you have about 4 or 5 friends, I see why you want to keep it cheap.

At around 4:00 go see a movie but DONT buy the popcorn! (about 30 bucks)

6:00pm - go to the beach for a lil bit (free)

at 7:30 - go eat at a resturant ( about 30 - 45 bucks)

go home and have fun!

why not you and your friends go to a theme park together..im positive yall will have fun...yall can even have a picnic there...with oolers for drinks ,sandwiches and drinks..afterword's home for cake then maybe movies and stay up all night goofing off as wel...well hope ive helped

1 bottle UV Blue + 1 bottle Lemonade

lots of ideas here:

have a bettsy wetsy party with easy bake oven treats.

japanese av films

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