what time should I start making dinner for 15 ppl?!

Question: What time should I start making dinner for 15 ppl?
We are planning on eating around 6:30. Im making spaghetti. Never made this much food before. Not sure how long the 8 pounds of meat will take to cook and how long the noodles will take to cook. Im planning on making around 4 pounds of uncooked noodles.


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If you cook four pounds of pasta you will be able to feed 25
Start the water then the meat and sauce
Check the serving size on the package

This should only take you an hour to cook with clean up, once the meat is cooked and the pasta is cooked there is not much left!

Make that 16 ppl...i'll bring dessert lol

I'm guessing the spaghetti 1hr before...the meat possibly 2hrs before.

Holy crap, Batman. It's 6:12 now. You should have started a couple of hours ago.

12 noon

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