Cheap Party Food Ideas!?!?!

Question: Cheap Party Food Ideas!?!?
I am having my 21st Birthday Party, next weekend. I do not have a bunch of money to spend on it, It isn't specifically themed, I'm having it outside in a field and we will be having a fire and some people will be camping out there for the night.. I know roasting hotdogs over the fire or marshmallows isn't too expensive, but I'm trying to think of other ideas that would work well too.. Any suggestions?? Thanks!


Spaghetti is a cheap side and feeds may, just get a large aluminum pan at the local Dollar Tree, get sauces, noodles, and ground turkey is fine, and avail at your local Aldi's or grocery for cheap. Get a 10lb bag of potatoes, some eggs, mayo, onions and make a big batch of potato salad, you can get hot dogs, burgers, and chicken cheap for your bbq if you just watch your local sale papers when they come in the mail. Plan ahead. Pick up what you need while its on sale and put it away for your party. Food 4 Less here, had Sweet Baby Ray;s BBQ sauce 4 for 1.00 last week so I got four. To give you an idea. OR make a Big pot of chili to eat through the night, made with whatever's cheapest, turkey, beef or even chicken, add some garlic bread, rolls, you're all set. Make sure you have plenty of chips, beverages, sweets, dips, and lots of FUN:) Happy Birthday:)

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