Great 16-year-old girl sleepover party ideas?!

Question: Great 16-year-old girl sleepover party ideas?
I'm having my sweet 16 at my house and planning to have a campout, but will still do things inside. None of us can drive, and we want to have lotsa funnnn but no "truth or dare" its too overplayed. and we r kinda wild so pick things that wud interest us. ((btw, its all girls (about 10 or more girls) mom wont let me hav boys overrrr )) plz help?? 10 points to best answer:) thanxxxx;)


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Board Games Some can be boring some can be fun try pictionary, twister, stuff like that. Gossip about everything! lol. It's what girls do. Bring a laptop that plays DVDs or a mini DVD player and watch a movie but just one. Have a lot of junk food. Popcorn, chips, soda, sparkling grape juice, juice, also maybe mini burger sliders, or big meatballs. (look up recipe on google). Have balloons, maybe water balloons? Glow sticks! Fun! A camera of course, pillows, candy, (now that it's about to be halloween so there are tons of candy bags around), a trash can (you'll end up needing one), Smores, maybe make hot dogs over a fire, have fun! And combine everyones ideas but dont overthink it it will end up being great!

I used to be 16, lol.

Make it a spa sleepover, do your nails, have hairdryers out and rollers to do each others hair, do facials, just buy some masks from the local Walmart. Listen to music, bring old clothes and purses that you no longer wear and have a "swap" were everyone trades for something that they like. Order pizza, or chinese, or cook something together as a party and then enjoy. Bake cookies, Watch new movies, take pics to remember the day and memories,

A teen once, and now the Mom of a teen:)

Here are some websites:………

Hope this helps! :)

Have a rocking slumber party!

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