Im Turning 16 But Im In some Major Pickles?!?!

Question: Im Turning 16 But Im In some Major Pickles?!?
Okay, see, Im in a bit of a pickle. I REALLY love Video games. Assassin's Creed in general.
And Anime.
But one of my friends hates it, and every chance she gets she down talks anime and AC. She's my best friend so I can't not invite her to a party.
But if i have an Assassin's Creed themed party, all she's going to do is complain, diss my favourite things and make me feel bad.

Another pickle I'm in;
Other than AC and Anime, I don't know what to do :(
I don't want to rot inside my house just watching movies. I was thinking Lazer Quest or something but my family is basically out of money =/

A Third Pickle; Who do I invite!!!
My mum is probably going to put an 8-person limit, so do I invite the bitchy and friendly ones or the bitchy and super bitchy but more my friends than the others???
*bashes face into a desk repeatedly*

I'm off to listen to some Caramell Dansen. Please help!!! D':


Why don't you have two parties? That's what my friend did when she wanted to avoid mixing her friends from two different schools (junior high and high school). One party can be an Assassin's Creed themed and the other one can be more 'normal' or whatever. Invite whoever you want to invite, not 'bitchy' people.

invite your friend,friend's...the ones you know you'll have fun with and wont have to worry about dissin your party and if you invite her..tell her its your day and that if she's gonna come to YOUR party then she's gonna have to respect you and your party theme decisions..she can keep it to her self for your day and if not why invite her...dosent sound like a good friend to me...

Looooool, I love anime as well, and pretty much all my friends hate it as well haha. Just do what you want, if you're friend complains, let her, its not her party. Just make sure you enjoy it the way you want to, and invite who you think means alot to you.

well invite ur best friends and tell yor friend that if all shes gonna do is diss what you like then dont come!

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