What is the best Dessert?!

Question: What is the best Dessert?
i'm thinking banana split.



friend from mexico,........

either new york style cheesecake with sliced strawberries, red velvet sheet cake with creamcheese frosting, or, fill a graham cracker crust with layers of condenced milk, caramal, marshmallow, fudge, peanuts, walnuts, more marshmallow, and whip cream. i dont know what the heck that is, nor have i ever tried it, but boy does it sound yummy.

or anything with marshmallow...hope this helps!

but, if you want to go with a healthy alternative for a great dessert, a great idea is taking a vanilla wafer or shortbread cookie, putting a dollap of sorbet on top, sprinkle it with some powder sugar and freeze it. sooo delectable. you could also try coating your cookie in fudge, just for the fun of it.

Take graham crackers and layer them in lasagna pan, mix french vanilla pudding with half amount cool whip, then melt semi sweet choc , 1/2 tsp van and layer, repeat twice, at the end then leave in fridge over night, it's called a Napolean cake, everyone adores it!

hmm ima have to say a homemade chocolate cake heres a link this taste VERY good!!! http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/recipes/detail.asp?id=4754&page=1&per=25&omnituresearch=true&keyword=dark magic cake&rectypecat=

my family and myself

REAL banana cream pie with REAL chocolate drizzle.


Choclate pie with whipped cream and chopped nuts on top.

Strawberry with cream



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