Idea for a birthday party?!

Question: Idea for a birthday party?
someone give me an idea...


You can find many other ideas for party accessories, favors, treats and how-To's by simply searching for Birthday Party in her site.

celebrate your your b'day by saying all that comes to your mind,no matter who'll feel bad or so(but correct all that you do wrong the other day).
you can a have pyajama party and the next day which is actually your b'day you have a blast spending your time in your favorite place with all your frnds around you.

it depends on age, sex and likes. But since ur q isn't very specific, here are some ideas:dress up: favourite things, such as colours, tv shows, movies, books.Pirate, outer space, princess, fairy, spooky, cowboy, casino, luau, dinosaur, crazy hair, just google party themes and there heaps to choose from. Hope i was helpful, and good luck with the party.


Yo' mama!

go to the playstashon thats what we did for my 17 year old sister

black lite

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