Ideas for 15th birthday?!

Question: Ideas for 15th birthday?
So, I'm turning 15 really soon, and I pretty much have no ideas for my party. Which is really sad, because I usually have, like, the best parties ever. I'm not big headed, it's the truth. Haha. So, any ideas? I know it's kinda blunt, but I honestly have no clue!! I usually do like scavenger hunts, and last year I had a mystery dinner, but I can't think of anything to do this year! Originally, my friends and I were going to do I scavenger hunt in electric boats around the bay (we live in socal, so it's literally a two minute drive to water), but my mom said that since I want to go all out for my sweet 16, I can't do that this year. :( Any other ideas? Thanks!!


rent a hotel decorate it really coool and order tons of good food, also bring food like chips and dip, cheez its, candy, cookies, cake, whatever u like

do each others nails, facials, or maybe u can go out and get this done

a nice restaurant, maybe the mall..

On my 15th Birthday i had to go to work. I had to scrub floors at a middle school.
Kids these days. All they wanna do is party and watch Jersey Shore.

Happy Birthday!!!

mario kart 64 tournament.

lots of teen party ideas here:

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