Cheap short-notice party ideas for 13 year olds?!

Question: Cheap short-notice party ideas for 13 year olds?
So I'm having a party later at 1:30, and I originally invited 7 people. Now it turns out that 12 people are coming. HELP! I didn't plan for this many people. I just turned 13, and there will be 12-13 year olds there. It is NOT a co-ed party, its just girls. I don't really have any time to go to the store, and I don't have any decorations either. I didn't really plan for this, but I want it to be awesome. Most of my friends just like to hang out, but I still want some ideas on what we could play/eat/watch. Also- It is NOT a sleepover. It ends at 9, so night games will be appreciated. Thanks! I don't have any video games though. And it's beautiful out today, sunny and 80, so outdoor stuff sounds good.


Im 12 too! :D lol kayy.. Well maybe you can play dress up games (like best outfit contest, top 5 best and worst outfits) and you guys can play "silent library" (its like truth or dare but you have to write down the dares on a piece of paper *SEPERATE* then put all the dares in a container, and your friends have to pick a dare and do it and if they don't they have to be silent the rest of the game) then you guys could have a movie marathon from 5-9 pm. :D hope this helps and good luck!! I wish i was there lol kidding. :D

have like a make up game, where you do each others make up and take pictures..Like a little competition between yourselves :) It can be fun, and also do each others hair hehe!

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