veggie party food ideas PLEASE?!

Question: Veggie party food ideas PLEASE?
I'm having a party for my one year old this weekend, i desperately need some veggie party food that isn't cheese sandwiches! I don't really want to have to cook anything tho. any simple ideas would be great. Thanks


Pizzas, Quorn type meats, omelettes, cheese and onion pastys or similar pastry dishes. Hope they help

One year olds need something softer than carrots and celery. Mine likes ripe olives and green olives, pickles the little bread and butter ones or sliced dill and ripe cantaloupe and oranges. Watermelon is a good one also. Think along the line of fruit more than veggies. most veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are too hard for the little ones. I have found that just about any dip works.

This black bean dip is easy and good.;}……

Samosa's are easy to make. Fruit kebabs, chilli paneer, Cheese rolls and mini pizzas are not bad ideas either. Theyr'e all pretty easy to make.

Fruit kebabs w/caramel dip.

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