What's a good and easy way to throw my 16th birthday party?!

Question: What's a good and easy way to throw my 16th birthday party?
In about a month I'll be 16, and I really want to make it special and memorable. Most of my friends either take everyone out to a club for dancing and dinner or have the party at their house. Both ideas involve dancing and music. The problem is that the first one, Is harder to pull off in terms of getting permission. I wouldn't be allowed and hence it would involve a lot of sneaking. Also, I can't get out of the house dressed up, because my parents would suspect that I was going to a club. But when we're there, there won't be any worries about music and setting up because the club has those things anyway.
As for having it in my house, my house is too small. My parents could book a place to have the party (they won't book a club so don't suggest that) like a restaurant, but then it might get boring if there's no proper setting for music. Also a lot of my friends drink and if my parents stick around for the party, that's not a good idea to bring any in.

Please give me a nice idea to include about 15-18 people and have dancing and good music. Also preferably an evening thing. And also something that'll save me from getting in trouble with my parents. They've agreed to booking someplace but they MIGHT want to supervise D :


pool party :D ur never too old to have a pool party
book an indoor pool and if u want music get a radio or like a ihome or something u can hook up to ur ipod and put it on full blast while ppl are playing in the pool
there wont be drinking and then later u can have dinner at ur place with the ppl who are invitedor have ur close friends sleepover after
it might seem kidish to do but its always great to let out ur inner kid and just have a great time
hope this helped
and happy early birthday :D

Church halls
community centres

You are underage for drinking I would be very careful.

You can always bring your clothes and leave it at a friends house incase you decide to go to a club.

friends place that live out in the country- music- bonfire- women- friends- grill and "beverages" ... maybe some tents for everyone to crash in .. no parents needed lol BAM!

start here, they have lots of ideas:

Most local bingo halls are for rent, some even have a sound system. Check with your local VFW or Elk's club. A lot of them have halls already set up with lights and sound for dancing. Most have kitchens that you can use for a fee or they will supply a cook. I have used a bingo hall at the fire dept. lots of times for big parties 200 to 300 people.quite a few have sound and lights for dancing. or you can rent the hall and hire a DJ. Have tables in one side and open floor in the other.

Even if you end up in a club a 16 year old can't drink. and if you do it can get the place shut down, or your parents put in jail.

The pool party is a good Idea.

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