birthday ideas for sweet 16?!

Question: Birthday ideas for sweet 16?
my birthday is in february, any ideas for a small get together i could do? maybe something that isn't too pricey?


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So, since in Feb. it isn't too cold or warm, you can have a giant bonfire! All you need is a lot of space, lots of wood, some snacks, and invite as many friends as you want! Since you don't want pricey, just make a mix CD instead of a DJ.
At a bonfire, you can socialize and eat, and be warm with the fire! Make sure you have adults in charge of the fire, though. Don't want your party to be ruined by something burning!

go to a hotel and spend the night
mini golfing
go karting
camp out in the backyard
get a jumpie
manicures then lunch at a restaurant
movie then lunch
ice skating
trip to the city
tea time (
night at a hotel (swimming, watching movies)

indoor skydiving (…

indoor trampolines (
movie marathon at your house
horseback riding
mall scavenger hunt
see a concert
batting cages
laser tag
rollar blading

a party bus , then probably doing to a party hall

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