I'm fourteen and I want to have a birthday party, any ideas?!

Question: I'm fourteen and I want to have a birthday party, any ideas?
I neeed something cool and fun, with about 30 kids... have any ideas?
ps, were pretty mature for our age, so no stupid ideas please.


choose one of the teen party ideas here:

Pick a theme like:
Roaring 20's
Hollywood Stars
Rock N Roll
Hippies of the 60's

Let each guest wear something from that Era. They can purchase the items at any Dollar Stores.
Lots of dancing and Food.

You can also go bowling, movies, pool party, etc.etc.

go to a hotel and spend the night
mini golfing
go karting
camp out in the backyard
get a jumpie
manicures then lunch at a restaurant
movie then lunch
ice skating
trip to the city
tea time (http://www.crownandcrumpet.com/)
night at a hotel (swimming, watching movies)

indoor skydiving (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=na…

indoor trampolines (http://www.jumpskyhigh.com/)
movie marathon at your house
horseback riding
mall scavenger hunt
see a concert
batting cages
laser tag
rollar blading

Have a big house party if you can,empty out the whole livingroom and have it decorated all nice with streamers,balloons,bday banner,blacklight,stroblights.. etc...and also have a mini buffet on the side with yummy finger foods.and lots of dessert's...have the loud music going have everyone dancing together etc...well hope ive helped ...good luck

lazer tag
out to dinner

I'm fourteen too. Ummmm.... go to a RECenter and rent out a racket ball court and PARTAY

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