15th birthday party ideas pleas?!

Question: 15th birthday party ideas pleas?
Hey well I'm going to be 15 in December but I thought I'd better start thinking so I'm not sure what to do, nothing too expensive or much hassle ok thanks. 10 points for best answer xxx.


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lots of good ideas here:

You can have a sleepover.
-A bowling party
-A casual or formal dancing,dinner party in a hotel ballroom, community house, or in your house
-In the movie theaters,
-A pool party
-The beach! :)
-You can hire a DJ and have a dance party in your house

If you like music, have a dance party. If you like movies, just rent a bunch of the best box office dvd's and watch them with pizza. Those are usually the best parties...

u shuld have hotwings rotel sandwiches n fruit salad cake n juice also

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