quinceanera,Money or the Party? Help.?!

Question: Quinceanera,Money or the Party? Help.?
i have a BIG problem! well my fifteens is 5 months away and well im not quite sure about what i want well my parents are just starting to realize how much of a BIG deal it is now that is soo near so they asked me if i wanted a party,the truth is im not quite sure.I mean i know my parents arent gonna have that much money for the party,but it could be a good party,,but also they have to spend money on my pictures.Should i just take the pictures with the money? or the party and the pictures? i mean yeah i always dreamed of me dancing with my dad and everyone admiring my dress and me, but at the same time the money, i could go on a Major shopping spree. so idk ..... help please !


I would say the party because its always a girls dream to be in a big pretty dress or/and dance with her dad. and anyways instead of the money and the pictures you will get a bunch on money at the party so yeahh i would pick the party. Good luck :)

You have only ONE quinceniera...but many birthday's more to get money...

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