14th birthday limo ride activities?!

Question: 14th birthday limo ride activities?
So i am having a limo ride for my 14 birthday. I was wondering where are some fun places to stop at around the Baltimore,MD area.


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First – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We’re pleased you are planning to spend your special occasion traveling around Baltimore.

I’m a member of the Buzz Brigade member (B3!) Our goal is to promote the many wonderful things Baltimore has to offer. Let me give you a few things for and your parents to consider for your birthday bash:

? First .... definitely consider lunch or dinner as Dick’s – The Last Resort! You and your friends can sit back and watch, or join in the fun. Dick’s has always been known for its outrageous, surly, energetic waitstaff who inflict humor upon their guests. The atmosphere makes everyone feel like they’re temporarily breaking all the rules...and getting away with it.


? Maybe a manicure’s at Chas Salon and Spa at the Ritz Carlton – why not be pampered by the best in Baltimore while you’re in town!


? Best view of Baltimore? In my opinion, one of 2 places – top of Federal Hill (especially at night – the best!) and the most beautiful view on a sunny day is the vista of the bay while walking around Ft. Mc Henry! You can’t go wrong with either location if you want to get some great bday photos of everyone while you are in town with a scenic back drop!

? You’ll never have more fun than renting some shoes and going Duck pin Bowling at Patterson Park –

? Last but not least, don’t leave town without checking out an Urban Pirates Cruise:

They even have some specials for birthday parties that you might want to check out!

You won’t be disappointed by spending the day in our great city! Have fun and enjoy !

Joan W


Isn't that a little expnsive for a 14th?

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