Sweet 16 ideas please?!

Question: Sweet 16 ideas please?
I'm not allowed it in a club as such, any ideas?
Not too expensive but something classy!


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For my "Sweet 16" I want to go to a nail salon with my friends and then have a birthday bash. I think the nail salon would be a lot of fun though =) For a snack at the birthday bash, buy little ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stones. Try and make your own club like at a free empty place. Splatter neon paint everywhere and then get strobe lights. Also, find a good band or just get some nice club music. If that is to weird for you, then make a ball room party and make everyone dress up in fancy gowns and tuxedos. Learn to do some of those dances they dance to like the Waltz. Hope I helped =)

Do you want entertainment or food? Your not being specific.

Get wasted

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