Birthday Party Supplies?!

Question: Birthday Party Supplies?
Im having my birthday party near christmas, but im having a gazebo outside in my backgarden, we also have a gym out there so we are going to have that as a room for the party too, im just wondering what supplies will i need? thanks for all your help in advance :)


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balloons, streamers?, table cloth, party lights

cute paper plates and cups, plastic forks, cake, chips, candy, pizza rolls, or quesadillas cute into little pieces

and of course music

You will need a propane heater from one of the rental stores in your area, and some portable lighting if the party is going to be in the evening.

United Rentals, Michaels Crafts and supplies

well i had an awesome birthday party at my house in my back garden. i had : balloons, paper plates, crisps, drink, food, big stereo just random party stuff .

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