Birthday party Ideas??? Places to go!!?!

Question: Birthday party Ideas??? Places to go!!?
Ok i am having my Birthday in about a month and i was wondering if anybody knew any fun places for young teens (12-14) could go and have fun. I was thinking the pool but im not sure, kinda seems to boring. I live in Michigan near Waterford. So i was wondering if anybody knew any fun places in Waterford that would be not too expensive and fun enough for 10-12 people...

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Why don't you just have the party at your house and invite Sydney, Megan, and Tyler over...

And make sure that instead of giving you gifts, they give Matt all the gifts because he is the one that deserves them.

ok what u should do is go to a water park after the water park go out for ice cream (leave some room in ur tummy don't get too full) after ice cream just go over there house and chill out. Then go to the movies.If there is time after the movies go out to dinner ask ur parents to drop u off.

I am going to a hotel with some friends for my 13th bday
we are gunna run around, go swimming at the hotel, go shopping, and dine out.
lots of fun!

you could have a pool party and a bbq? or go the cinmeas and shopping

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