Sweet 16 winter party. Need ideas...?!

Question: Sweet 16 winter party. Need ideas...?
My birthday is right after Christmas, so I was thinking of having it either at the beginning of January or December, so people won't be on winter break. I don't want to do anything to pricey. I'm thinking of inviting 10-15 close girl friends. I DO NOT want to do a formal dinner, or anything really typical. I live in the Vancouver area, so I could also go to Whistler. I really have no idea. Please help..


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Stay at a lodge and stuff. Make the theme "Winter Wonderland"...Smores, over coats, movies, pjs, popcorn, yada yada. I don't know how much snow falls in Canada during winter but I live in Southern California in the U.S and that's around my bday and it sucks cuz it always rains so a good guess from the elevation between U.S and Canada would be a LOT of snow. So I guess no camping out lol... Have a fun, safe bday!
For my sweet 16 I shouldn't complain bout the rain lol. I'm still planning too.

You cold always go the opposite of the winter thing and have a Hawaiian themed party. Have friends bring or wear shorts t shirts bathing suits (if you want) and then have hawaiian decorations from a party store and maybe some music also some food you would find at a lauau would be a good idea also. Another thing to do might be to sign up for an online wishlist site. You can create your birthday list and also your christmas list since they are so close together. Then you can make sure that you get what you want and no repeats since it will mark the item as purchased when someone gets that for you. The site also has great party planning ideas also. Good luck!!


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