How should i decorate my house for it to look like a nightclub for my party?!

Question: How should i decorate my house for it to look like a nightclub for my party?

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dim the lights - run a cloak room

but the thing to do would be to make people queue up outside and see if their name is on the list (hire security) and get or make those rope things...

so that the party starts as they arrive...

Lots of black or porto-rica guys in fancy suits standing on each wall. Make sure they're either super-buff or supper-fat. Charge $24 to get in, and charge $19 for parking. Also, charge $9 for cheap beer, $16 for good beer, and $21 for a cocktail.

techo music so loud no one will be able to hear each other is a plus, then dim the lights and ignore the cocane and extacy use in your bathroom.

Boom, night club.

Clear a lot of space for dancing. Dim the lights. If you can, try to get some type of cool lights...not sure where to get cheap ones though. Walmart maybe lol?

For music, just try to get dancing type music, mix in some techno, and also put in some Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond on at the end of the night.

i'm sure it's fine the way it is. put away the breakable stuff or things that might get stolen.
just get some refreshments, music and snacks.

-techno music
-dim the lights
-glow sticks etc

hope i helped :)

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