my 21st bday is on october 16 what should i do?!

Question: My 21st bday is on october 16 what should i do?
i would like any advice besides don't drink and drive
like good drinks to try im gonna bring 300 wih me for a bar tab hanging with friends from marines


I suggest having your close friends over to grill out if weather permits. Start drinkin after dinner (not too fast though). Then go to a bar around 10pm. Your friends will probably be buyin you shots at the bar so you'll get pretty drunk but that happens most people on their 21st birthday.

Also, before you go out to the bars, remember to have a glass of water so you don't get too dehydrated at the bars.

when it was my daughter's 21st we had two parties. One at a local restaurant for family, older friends etc. The other party was for her friends of her age. Worked well and she has good memories of her 21st.

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