Planning Help for 3 Person Party for Friends 16th Birthday, Thanks!?!

Question: Planning Help for 3 Person Party for Friends 16th Birthday, Thanks!?
For my friends birthday were trying to do something fun and creative, shes already having a party of her own a few days before but this will be our presant just for her....
were first planning on giving her a list ahead of time of stuff to bring, but well throw in some stuff to throw her off like swim suit, t shirt, underwear, tooth brush etc.
Then well pick her up and shell change in the car
Next were planning on taking her to Dinner.....
but then we dont know what we should do.... any ideas?


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get a serving of meat for 3 people... a serving is about 3-5oz. It will be healthy, rich in protein, and tastefully simple. You could even decorate it with ketchup or bbq sauce.

also, don't forget the cake!

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