18th birthday idea for a girl?!

Question: 18th birthday idea for a girl?
i havnt had a party in 5 years,and ive always wanted my 18th to be a huge event
but unfortuately im not popular enough, i just dont have that many friends
i really wanted a big 18th at a rented out hall with a dj and like 200 people

since i cant do that cos i dont know enough people, do you have any ideas for a smaller party?

im in nz


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try making a flyer you get me just
get in contact with people that party
and tell them to promote your house for a party
and use techo music so people can shuffle

If you don't know enough people to have a big party, invite all the ones you do know and tell them to bring friends or anyone they know. People are always looking for parties they can invite themselves to, but be careful because some people can bring the 'wrong' type of friends along sometimes.

Also, broadcasting it over facebook can be a way to get people along too!

Hope you get your dream party and have fun! X

If you build it, they will come.
If the party is good enough, people will come.
Since you don't know many people, have you considered advertisements in your school, clubs...
You could also plant rumors -- that this party is going to be really good. Don't forget to deliver on that promise.

No reason why you should not get the party you want.

Good Luck

Invite anyone and say is gonna be cool that your having everything you said up there, that's how we do it in cali you don't have to be cool to throw a cool party. Just invite people in school facebook or myspace that's what i did for my 18th bday just make sure you say you don't want drama or the **** will shut down or to do any illegal activity outside your house everything els is history and watch the magic happened on it's own.

me :)

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