advice on throwing a party!?!

Question: Advice on throwing a party!?
i'm in my senior year in high school and i'm having a party this weekend at my cottage!
i need advice on a good amount of people, jello shots, drinking games, food, etc. etc.



Invite your friends and if you think it'll be awkward, let them invite +1, beware of gatecrashers
BYO alcohol
Finger food - party pies, sausage rolls, crackers, dips, maltesers
No set drinking games - whatever happens happens ;)
If you have carpet..consider having it outside? If the weather's right for it. It could get messy ;|

finger food only otherwise you end up in the kitchen all night. As you are in your senior year, be careful of gate crashers that only want to drink. make everyone bring their own alcohol, saves money. drinking games not really good as there is always someone who will end up throwing up!

make sure you have party pies and sausage rolls and frankfurst. I know they are all childish things. but they are classics. and always winnners.

I went to a 21st the other night, free alcohol and chefs to do the food and stuff. which was nice, but it was too fancy!!!! and a waste of money...

sausages, party pies, frankfurts, etc......cant go wrong :)

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