Is it smart for a restaurant to fire all its bus boys?!

Question: Is it smart for a restaurant to fire all its bus boys?
The restaurant I work at needs a total of four bus boys on a busy night to remain efficient and keep tables clean. However, two have quit, leaving only two bus boys to cover all responsibility. Those two bus boys have fallen behind on busy nights, leaving the servers, hosts and managers to try and pick up the slack.

Recently the management decided to get rid off all its bus boys. They will put more servers on the floor, and give each server a smaller table section so that they will be able to bus their own tables.

Is this is smart thing to do for a restaurant, or could they have just hired more bus boys?



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Well it seems the restaurant wants to upgrade their status by just using trained servers instead of untrained bus boys.

In some restaurants in Germany and Ireland its common for servers to do their station on their own, from greeting the guests and seating them to clearing the table and re-setting.

But servers are more expensive then bus boys but will improve the standard of the restaurant from mere Dinner to Fine Dining, or something like that!

And for a restaurant bus boys are not particular reliable employees, because they coming and going.

It could be an improvement for the restaurant and the guests, but a stain for the servers if not properly executed!

Bus Boys vs. Waiters / Servers

Here in South Africa restaurants do not have bus boys. The waiters does all the work themselves.
The restaurant saves money on wages this way. a lot of waiters works for tips and minimum wage.

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