Holiday Food Question?!

Question: Holiday Food Question?
Every year between Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl, I gain between ten and fifteen pounds. Then by February, I'm back down to my normal weight again. I want this year to be different.

Our house is a hub for our big family, so we pretty much host all the parties. I've already decided to enforce a healthy theme for all of our pot lucks. No more pies, cakes or cookies! Fruits for dessert instead. I wasn't sure at first, but surprisingly I've gotten lots of positive feedback.

Now I'm inspired. I've got some ideas for healthy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years meals, but you guys (the world!) have a lot more. I'd like to be adventurous and try some exciting entree and side dish combinations as well as some new recipes. Any ideas?


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chicken wings but skin them first - most of the fat is in the skin

and try fish instead of red meats

and roast or poach stuff instead of frying

grilling is also good

and cut down on the salts and the oils - and the cheese

and the other big thing to look at is the dips - salads are great but dressings and dips are pure fat so try yghurt dips (with mint) etc

i eat everything possible during the holidays.....i simple increase the amount of exercise for about 3 months....i never deny myself during the holidays....

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