Any ideas or suggestions for the biggest party?!

Question: Any ideas or suggestions for the biggest party?
Hey, I want to throw the biggest party ever sometime next summer. I want this party to be something everyone will talk about for months. So, does anyone have any ideas on how to make it the best party ever?


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Do you have neighbors that care about noise?

So you're talking about a house party I am guessing? Let's get down to the point, you're going to need a lot of alcohol to have a memorable party. Get kegs. If you're college age, just get a bunch of cheap kegs. if you're mid 20s or older, get some quality beer kegs. Also, make a ton of jello shots before the party starts. Like hundreds. everyone loves jello shots.

Have a lot of drinking games set up such as flip cup or beer pong.

Possibly have a dance party. Set up a playlist on your itunes that will make everyone pumped to be there.

Elephant rides.


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