15th Birthday lunch Menu ideas?!

Question: 15th Birthday lunch Menu ideas?
I am going to the movies with my friends on like the day after my birthday, but on the actualy day i am having some of my famuily, my cousins and aunty and uncle etc oer to our house for lunch.

What should the menu be??

we won't have any games cause like all my cousins are older than me, so that would be a bit weird.

But i basicalyl want to know ur ideas for the menu.. only idea so far is BBQ with homemade hamburgers adn a birthday cake lol

Ideas PLlleaeaseeee


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You could do ribs as well with the burgers, they're not too much effort.

Potato or macaroni salad.

Chips and dip.

Veggie platter.

Fruit salad.

Baked or BBQ beans or even a chili.

Corn on the cob.

I think the homeade burgers idea is good make nie size patties with a variety of condimant's like lettuce,tomatoe's,onions,cheese,pickles,… ,ketchup,mustard,mayo etc....,chips and dip and you'll be fine........ if not bbq chicken or rib's with potatoe salad and beans is fine as well, and cake for dessert....well hope ive helped.... good luck and happy early birthday

my brain...

I second the fondue idea. Barbecue is always good, too. There's also chilli, pasta, and my favorite, sushi! Though, you'd have to have it catered, unless you or someone you know can make it.

Quiche? French Onion soup?

One fun birthday lunch idea I did was fondue. I had all sorts of things to dip into the cheese fondue -- pieces of nice bread, cut up sausages/hot dogs, different types of veggies, cubes of beef. Then for dessert, I had a chocolate fondue with lots of different fruits for dipping and a birthday cake. It was fun because crowding around the fondue pot ends up being nice and social and we had lots of laughs.

Oh thought of another idea which I did once -- I made individual little homemade pizzas. So everyone got involved and put on their own toppings after I'd rolled out the dough.

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