im interested in buying a hookah i need some help?!

Question: Im interested in buying a hookah i need some help?
okay so what do i all need?
whats the best brand of tobacco?
and do they come with a hose?



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First I would recommend getting a Small Mya Hookah.…
Mya QT, Mya Bambino and Mya Picollo are amazing little hookahs that I don't think I could ever get rid of. Tiny little power houses.

Any of them will come with a case, a hose, a bowl, 2 packs of tobacco, 2 rolls of coals, and everything else you need including tongs, grommets, etc.

I can't say which brand is best because peoples tastes are so diverse. But here are some brands that are well known and widely accepted as really good.…
Fumari, Romman, Fantasia, Starbuzz, Social Smoke, and Al Fakher. I would pick up a small pack of each to try them out. You will find something that you love and just explore that brand. Reviews only help you if you and the person reviewing it like the same things.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years……

To smoke hookah, you just need a few basic things:

- Hookah to smoke out of
- Shisha (flavored tobacco) to smoke
- Charcoal (to light shisha)

If you are short on cash, I recommend the Mya QT Hookah, it's one of our favorites.

Check out my site below, it has helpful guides to buying your first hookah, as well as shisha reviews.

dont be smoking no weed in it

hookah be so dumb

You certainly do need some help! Don't do drugs.

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