How can I throw up in front of my parent?!

Question: How can I throw up in front of my parent?
I cannot use fingers or an object i will be caught thanks. No answers like your stupid.


what do you mean how can you throw up in front of your parent? :s

do you mean how can i throw up without them noticing?
if thats what you mean then use your fingers. thats the only thing you can do. and turn the taps on so you cant be heard as much. but you shouldent do it. it can rip the inside of your stomach and kill you

i used to do it

Go to the pharmacy and get ipecac syrup, its used to induce vommitting in people who have been poisioned, it takes about 15 minutes to work but when it does be prepared to spray.

personal experience

The only way that you could and that i can think of is, some kind of drug, or maybe get really wasted? pff i got no idea. What is this for exactly? i might be able to help more.

I am not trying to be mean but if you don't want people to call you stupid don't ask stupid questions. I mean what are you throwing up for? All you have to do is puke up some guacamole.

Eat a lot of food, then exercise. Like, RIGHT after you eat dinner, go for a jog. That should make you throw up.

Hope I helped :)

Eat something that will make you sick. Sea food is great for that especialy raw sea shells but it is food poisoning and thats not very safe.

Consult a doctor.


why would you want to do that? to get out of school?

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