Birthday Party Helllp?!

Question: Birthday Party Helllp?
My 11 year old daughter's birthday is tomorrow and her birthday party is on october 9. I rented a moonbounce jumpy thing because all her friends love that and my sister owns it, so it was cheap too. What are some side activities we can do at her party? I was gunna say water baloons but it is october and not the warmest where i live.


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Here are some suggestions:

1. play pass the polo; give each person a coctail stick, and then place it in their mouth, then put a polo on one persons coctail stick, and basically you have to pass it around coctail stick to coctail stick, without dropping it.

2. fill about 8 balloons with/without water and pin them on a wall outside with little presents in such as lip gloss, hair ties etc. Then get darts or sharp pencils/pens etc to throw at the balloons.

3. blow up balloons and put little dares inside, such as one person be a cat the other a mouse, and the cat has to chase the mouse, record it and then play it back on a tv or computer.

sorry thats all i got!
hope it helps!

Parties i have been to myself.

Here are some ideas that might be helpful:

1. Give kids a space on the concrete and a bunch of colored chalk and have them "create" a picture. Give a prize to the brightest colors, most interesting shapes, etc.
2. Manicures and pedicures
3. Beading, creating jewelry
4. Glamour Shots (create your own, let the kids do makeup, get their hair fixed up and take your own photos)
5. Gunny sack races

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