What are some gourmet foods that won't spoil at a picnic?!

Question: What are some gourmet foods that won't spoil at a picnic?
I want to prepare a lovely picnic for my fiance and I before the frost kicks in, and I'm in want of a few new dishes that won't spoil if left unrefrigerated for an hour-ish Neither of us are picky eaters so we're open to absolutely anything (except bananas, I'm allergic).

I want something more along the line of hors d'oeuvres and not the typical watermelon and chicken sandwiches picnic.

I'd planned on a few of the following:
Peppercorn Paté served with toast slices
French Brie served with cranberry sauce on toasted baguette slices.
Brie and fresh basil served with a rich chocolate sauce (sounds odd, but is completely fantastic).
A spinach salad with goat cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts, and fresh grapes or strawberries served with a lemon poppy seed dressing.
Baby carrots, courgettes, celery stalks, asparagus, radishes and tomatoes from my little garden.
Fresh fruits to be served with a brandy chocolate sauce (strawberry, apple, pear).
Chilled zucchini soup.
A platter of olives.
A walnut upside down cake.
The raspberry zinfandel I made.
Homemade lemonade with fresh lemon and mint sprigs.

Any suggestions or old picnic favorites that you can add to my list? I'd like to keep things relatively simple as I only have a few hours to prepare.

If you had to pick a handful of the above listed, which menu would you like best?

Do you have a recipe for a delicious and quick pasta salad that can be left out?


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O.K. You apparently have a grasp on the food. Now step it up & get a table with a complete setting. (a white table cloth & candle is a must!) If it's in your budget get a waiter from your favorite restaurant & pay them to serve & clean up when you two melt into each others warm sensuous grasps. Trust me from experience, nothing blows the moment more than having to clean up & put away any leftovers. Plus, a picnic is so blah. A formal dining set up in the middle of nowhere will give him a memory of a lifetime.

All of that sounds so wonderful! I can't pick one.

A quick pasta salad:
1 2 lb box of pasta of your choice. I recommend Rotini or Penne
veggies like broccoli, halved grape tomatoes, black or green olive slices, or anything else you think sounds good.
Italian dressing to taste.

I think you've got it planned out very well. it all sounds very delicious. Your fiance will love it and love you for going to so much effort for him:)
Sounds to me like you have plenty of food. I'll gladly accept any leftovers, haha!

poatoes salad ham pastsa beans

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