Wanna Talk About Party?!

Question: Wanna Talk About Party?
Most people think "Party" is a celebration. However, please choose one of the subjects below to share with us. Away we go , , ,

1. If a crime was taking place or took place and you were a party in knowing about the incidence, What did you do?

2. What are your thoughts about the Democratic or Republican parties.

3. Were you a party to a debate or between friends? What was the issue and who won?

4. Were you a party to causing verbal harm. Such as "group think," which means a group that harasses, demeans, or etc, to single out one person.

5. Okay, if you must . . . What party have you attended that had the most meaning?


These definitions are from further down my brain hierarchy (like maybe my lizard brain level or my id), my higher levels (if any) know that any absolutes or generalities are false or limited. But with that in mind, here goes:

The democratic party seems to be the party for the middle middle class and down. It seeks to use government to replace private functions in order to achieve more equity, fairness, humanity, and general good for the country. It is also such a diverse group that it has tremendous difficulties in articulating or achieving any articulate or cohesive view of the universe. In order to win an general election, the democratic candidate has to move way left of center for the nomination and they move (espouse, articulate, make speeches) back to the center to win the general election.

The republican party seems to be the party for the upper middle and up. It seems to use private enterprise to replace government in order to achieve more initiative, paid services, enterprise, corporate powers, economic centrality, business and military prowess in order to achieve general good for the country. It is a much more narrow group that has the unfortunate tendency to disenfranchise everyone that cannot be a paying customer or good consumer. The republican candidate has to move to the right of center to get nominated and then move (espouse, articulate, make speeches) back to the center to win the general election.

Or... I drove the getaway car. That is another story.

5. My 33rd birthday party back in 2006. My retired uncle was travelling in the area with his new wife whom I'd never met. So we had the rest of my extended family come over too, they hadn't seen each other in years, and my uncle had never even met many of the cousins' kids. Some of my husband's family came over too. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone together. And I still have a family photo my husband took of all of us together. It has even more meaning now since that was the last time I ever saw my uncle since he passed away later in the year.

they r just timepass

5. sex party because of all the sex

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