First time drinking Mixed 40% vodka?!

Question: First time drinking Mixed 40% vodka?
I'm 18, 6'1 and 140lbs and im going to be drinking vodka for the first time tomorrow night. i have a mickey that is 375ml of 40% smirnoff vodka. I'm wondering if i mix it with coke or orange jiuce, how much vodka would i put in in order to get a buzz and not drunk/sick. i ONLY have vodka and no beer so dont tell me that i should start off with beer. Im taking it to a party so it will all have to be in a 500ml water bottle. Thanks Mike oh and (ps im visiting my cousin in quebec canada and the drinking age is 18)


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Mix it with orange juice man 20%vodka 80% juice. If you have never drank before or don't drink very much, just one glass(let's say 250ml glass) will probably give you a good buzz. Stirr it alot!

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