How should my 16th bday party be like?!

Question: How should my 16th bday party be like?
Were going swimming and i invited a whole bunch of my ffriends :) we'll be eating but their wont be muisic@ i don't want it to be boring so what games should we do at the party like what should we do when we swim?


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You can always play water polo, and when on land you can play this game called ninja.

my friend had her birthday at the pools.. it was heaps of fun.. also they split the group up into 2 teams and put a net in the pater... they would call a number and you would have to race your oponent across the net.. the place also provided canoes so we had a conoeing race in the pool... it was heaps of fun.. you could also do something where you drop items in the deep end and you have to find them..
my friend had it at latrobe if you have ever heard of that.. at the star we also actually did a bit of rockclimbing outside of the pool
hope i was helpfull :)

does it have to be pool games? if not. then get a huge bowl filled with ice and put some coins in it. and then mix the coins with the ice and see if u can get all the coins out:) harder then you think...


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