What prize would you enjoy being given out at my Halloween raffle?!

Question: What prize would you enjoy being given out at my Halloween raffle?
$1 ticket -
$ 5 ticket -
$ 10 ticket -

Prizes for most unusual, scary, creative.

Thanks in advance


1 prize - Free drink at the bar
2 prize - Gift basket
3- prize Overnight stay at a local Hotel Boutique Chain

$1 = small carved pumpkin filled with chocolates (tin foil in pumpkin 1st, to keep off the slime)
$5= fill a witches cauldron with cold spaghetti and catsup, and hide a gift card prewrapped in plastic towards the bottom
$10 = have a plastic skull hidden under a black spider webbing, with red fabric hanging out of the eye sockets. When you pull the fabric, one has a plastic spider, and the other would have a gift certificate to the mall

$1 = small pumpkin filled with spaghetti
$5= pumpkin filled with spaghetti and meatball
$10 = plastic pumpkin hidden under a the bed. Pull the bed, pumpkin appear! Spaghetti and meatballs explode.

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